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Monday, June 13, 2016

3 Easy Ways to Generate Network Marketing Leads

Expert Author Jessica Lauren Vine
Generating leads is a must when you are building a network marketing business. Here are 3 easy ways to generate network marketing leads.

Create Curiosity on Social Media

When you are just starting out, many people have no idea what you are doing. If people do not know what MLM opportunity you are working, you can ask some questions to see who is interested in your topic. For instance, you could say something about wanting to get healthier. You could ask if anyone else was interested in health and wellness. If you are in a jewelry company you could ask who loves bling. Talk to all of the people that like or comment.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Seize the Sale! Use Up-Selling and Cross-Selling to Help Your Customers and Increase Profits

You have a loyal base of customers who are happy with your products and services, and many of them probably order the same items from you on a regular basis. While consistency is good and loyalty is great, have you ever considered trying to sell these customers alternative or complementary products outside of their normal purchasing behavior? It's called up-selling and cross-selling, and it's a strategy that will not only benefit them but will also help you and your bottom line.

In the never-ending quest to increase sales, a B2B company shouldn't be focusing its energy on finding new customers. Frankly, it's more difficult and costly to acquire new customers. Instead, your efforts should be concentrated on your existing customers - the ones with whom you've earned their trust and loyalty. According to thinkJar research, 65% of companies are able to successfully up-sell or cross-sell to existing customers, while only 12% of companies are able to sell to new customers. That's why selling more to your current customer base is a better way to maximize your profits and increase your customer lifetime value (CLV).

The importance of knowing your customers

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Why It Is Important to Do Social Networking for Your Business

Expert Author Chanre A Williams

Social networking seems to be the most unnoticed part when marketing your business and a lot of people don't fully understand why it is important. To clarify why it is vital here are some reasons.

In this century people dedicate most of their time to their phones. Although it isn't recommended to use light emitting objects for a long period of time, people still tend to glare at their phones often. However, this is the reality that we live in, so we have to roll with the punches. This time that people spend on their phones is valuable and marketing specialists can use it to their advantage. Be sure that you know who your target market is so that you can post specifically for them. They may feel that you are directly speaking to them.

A business needs to keep its customers involved when it comes to its products and services. One would not want to spend most of their time on the phone with multiple people sharing the same advert or post. You can post something on a social network that is informative regarding a service you provide.

It is cheaper and easier to post adverts on the internet instead of paying a lot of money for a billboard on the side of the road. With a social network post, people can easily see what your business is all about and can ask questions directly.